St. John's Episcopal Church
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Acolytes @ Saint John's
Christmas line up
What is an Acolyte?
In many Christian denominations, an acolyte is anyone who performs ceremonial duties such as lighting altar candles.
The word acolyte is derived from the Greek word akolouthos, meaning companion, attendant, or helper. The Acolyte ministry has its roots in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, where the prophet Samuel is seen assisting Eli, the Levite priest,and Elisha is seen assisting Elijah the Prophet.
Acolytes are youth volunteers who participate and assist in worship services. They process with the cross and torches and play an active role at various times in the service. They are very valuable members of our community.
Acolytes on parade
How can I become one?
Service to the church should be something you never take lightly.  When you are ready you will know.  If you feel called to become an acolyte, please talk to either the Priest, or the Deacon.  Generally, it is good for a youth to be at least in the third grade or above.  Acolytes will generally serve until the 12th grade.
Christmas acolytes
Are there rules?
You bet there are!
Acolyte Rules:
  1. Please Show up!
  2. Acolytes must be in the church and vested 25 minutes before the service. If you cannot make it, please call the following number on the Thursday afternoon before you are scheduled to serve. If you cannot serve, please call the church office 432-333-6022 before Thursday at 5:00 PM. After 5:00 PM you will have to leave a message on the machine.
  3. Please no flip-flops. Did I mention….no flip-flops?
  4. Proper Acolyte clothing constitutes slacks or skirts and white or light colored shirts, or blouses. Nice jeans are O.K., but they should not drag on the floor. It would be nice if dress shoes were worn instead of tennis-shoes as tennis-shoes are somewhat distracting. Remember, the whole congregation can see you and your feet!
    Black shoes are better than brown,
    brown shoes are better than tennis-shoes,
    clean tennis-shoes are better than flip-flops,
    and flip-flops are just wrong. 
    Following this simple rule will help keep the Deacon’s blood pressure down.
  5. Know your job. If you do not know your job, get with Deacon Ingrid, Ms. Koepp, or, Mr. Stanley, they will assist you.
  6. If you must yawn, turn your head, or place your hands over your mouth.
  7. Remember….They are watching you.
  8. Remember…You are on stage, not only the Parish is watching, but also God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
  9. No Chewing Gum! Chewing Gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most! (Willy Wonka)
  10. Please understand that if you are late, we will have to find a substitute. It is just easier to get to the church on time.